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About Your Star Forever

Welcome to Your Star Forever

We are a personalized gift and star dedicating service that helps you celebrate the relationships in your life in a special and meaningful way. At Your Star Forever, we believe that the most important gifts in our lives are the relationships we share. That’s why we want to help you show how much you truly care for the special people in your life.

Our service allows you to name a star in the sky for someone special and share the dedication with them. Whether you want to honor a loved one, admire someone, or memorialize a special person, dedicating a star is a unique and thoughtful way to show how much they mean to you. Start by selecting a star in the sky from our interactive sky map. Then, name that star, and make a personalized dedication in honor of someone who brings meaning to your life. Finally, you can share your dedication with your special someone and anyone else you choose, either in person or through a variety of media that connects us all every day. is an accredited registrar of the Star Dedication Archives database, official coordinates and brightness database for star dedication registration, following the declination, right ascension, and apparent magnitude, as recognized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the International Astronomical Union (IAU).  So, your personalized dedication will always be there for you to revisit and share again with your loved one.

If you feel like checking us out, go ahead and make a star dedication and use Coupon Code $5OFF to save $5 at checkout.  Learn more at our Blog post on How to Dedicate a Star or just go ahead and Dedicate a Star now!

In addition to star dedications, we also offer a variety of gifts and products to express the specialness of your relationship with your loved one. Our categories include Gifts & Jewelry, Indoor & Outdoor Living, Spa & Relaxation, and Restful & Relaxing Nights. We offer gifts for all occasions and every personal relationship. Check out our Shop.

Our Blog and Social Media posts share positive, encouraging messages as well as fun, inspiring imagery to help everyone keep life in perspective and maybe even make some important changes.

Thank you for choosing Your Star Forever. We are here to help you celebrate the relationships in your life and to make them shine forever.


Zachary, USA

When my sister dedicated my star to me, we were in the middle of a 2 month long argument. This was the first step in resolution and brought us closer together as brother and sister. We now communicate on a daily basis and love each other more than we ever had. This would not have happened without the dedication of that star.

Ryan & Kate, Idaho

Randomly, I got a text message saying a star had been dedicated to me. My star was the beginning of a scavenger hunt holding a message that lead me to hot chocolate, a cashmere blanket and an incredible lookout spot with a telescope. BEST DATE EVER!

Casandra, Michigan

My fiancé Dan has been so amazing to me the past 3 years, and so for his birthday I wanted to get him something amazing. A star named with his favorite word "Geniusus" I thought would do just the trick. When I showed my fiancé his star to him on his birthday, his eyes lit up and he was so pumped to have received a gift so epic! He talks about his star all the time and I truly felt blessed I could give him something almost as amazing as him.

Greg, Michigan

I'm working in Afghanistan at the moment and the ability to dedicate the star for my wife was a way to make a nice gesture and bring us closer together.

JoMarie, New York

I bought it for my young grand daughter in hopes that she will always look up at the sky and remember her "mema" long after I am gone.

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